LangArc-2021 Topics

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The topics of the workshop include:

  • reviews and discussions of social, political, legislative, economic and other factors that affect digital language archives;
  • discussions of administrative structures within universities – academic libraries, institutional repositories, digital humanities institutes, other – for digital language archives;
  • discussions of digital language archives’ partnerships with tribal communities and rural libraries for providing access to linguistic materials (audio, video, transcript) in their local cultural and historical collections;
  • discussions of issues related to cost of archiving in digital language archives;
  • discussions of ethical implications of archiving in digital language archives and providing access to legacy and family materials, materials for which provenance is unknown or sketchy;
  • results of user studies, including examinations of user needs, usability and user experience evaluations in digital language archives;
  • reports on approaches, methods and techniques for collection development (including selection and digitization of materials, self-deposit and mediated deposit practices), information architecture, information organization, information retrieval (including multi-lingual and cross-lingual), quality assurance, etc. in digital language archives;
  • results of evaluations (case studies and comparative analyses) of various features of digital language archives;
  • discussions of education endeavors to support language data archiving and curation;
  • works related to theory and history of digital language archives.